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What is jstbdsm?

jstbdsm is a platform for influencers to provide the best of their content to their existing social media followers for a monthly subscription fee.

Earnings and Payouts

Influencers are paid 80% of their total subscriptions each month. Payouts for the previous month get to Influencers either the last week of the month or the first week of the following months usually due to bank processing delays.

An Influencer needs to earn a minimum of $150 any given month to be paid for that month.

Uploading content

An Influencer is allowed to upload text, audio and video content.

The allowed media types on the platform include jpeg, bmp, jpg, png, mp4, mov, ogg, qt, wav, mpga.

Media file size is also limited to 60 MB

Uploading youtube videos

In situations where you have a large video file you may want to upload your video on youtube then post the URL on jstbdsm.

Follow the steps below to upload your youtube videos.

  • - First log onto youtube
  • - Click on the plus button on the top right hand corner and click on "Upload video".
  • - Be sure to mark the video as "Unlisted". This will ensure no one sees the video publicly.
  • - Now copy the video URL and upload onto jstbdsm

    • Setting up youtube live streams

      You may setup a youtube stream using the following steps.

      • - First log onto youtube
      • - Click on the plus button on the top right hand corner and then click on "Go live".
      • - Be sure to mark the stream as "Unlisted". This will ensure no one sees the stream publicly.
      • - Now copy the Stream URL and upload onto jstbdsm

        • Subscriptions

          A user may subscribe to Influencer pages, this grants them full access to locked content belonging to these influencers

          A user is billed monthly based as long as they are subscribed to an influencer

          The fee paid will be as set by the influencer and in cases where the influencer changes their pricing this will affect the next months billing.Also in such events the user will be notified of the price change.

          Registering as an Influencer


            Create an account as an Influencer
          • Once on your new page upload a banner
          • Upload a profile picture
          • Describe your page in the About section
          • Select the type of content you will be sharing
          • Select an industry or other for when you can't find your industry
          • Set a reasonable price for your subscription eg: $12
          • Now hit the "submit for approval" button
          • Upload a short non nude introductory video describing your offering (This will help you get discovered on our timeline)
          • Click "Post" to upload the introductory video
          • You can now share your URL with your fans!


          User handles are unique on the platforms and are case insensitive, meaning no two users share the same handle.

          Users are adviced not to change their handles to often, as new users can claim the old handle and enjoy all the traffic that came with the old handle

          How do I reach support?

          You may reach support help@jstbdsm.com

          Terminating your account.

          In the event you will like to deactivate your account please let us know via email deactivate@jstbdsm.com